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Tinnson is a shoe brand like no other. Tinnson is a state of mind, a guitar riff, an improvised melody, a few notes that remain in the head and in the heart. Tinnson is a hymn to freedom. The freedom to create. To create beauty.

Tinnson is also a style, a relaxed and free, chic and rebellious look. Tinnson is an atmosphere. A concert hall, rehearsals, encores. It is also a place of expression for artists.

Tinnson is the chelsea boots as a reference model. A timeless shape, straight out of the 60s, worn by all the rock stars around the world. Chelsea boots was born in music, it is still omnipresent there. Just watch Coachella to see that. To pay tribute to the musicians who transported us, made us discover beauty and gave us so many emotions, the brand logo is an electric guitar. Each model bears the first name of one of the legends of rock.

The Libertines - Times for heroes ( 2002 ) - Tinnson

The Libertines - Times for heroes (2002)

If in the collective unconscious, it is fashionable to remember Pete Doherty's escapades of all...
The Who - My generation ( 1965 ) - Tinnson

The Who - My Generation (1965)

In the “emblematic title” series, my generation is, what one might call, a masterstroke; 57...
Jeff Buckley - Grace ( 1994 ) - Tinnson

Jeff Buckley - Grace (1994)

When Jeff Buckley exploded in front of the world in 1994, we didn't know much...

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