Led Zeppelin - Kashmir (1975)

on November 08, 2023

In Led Zep's sumptuous discography, it's not easy to highlight a track without an ultimate fan falling on your back, being offended that such and such a title wasn't chosen first. Well, nothing also obliges you to have such fanatics in your entourage!

Then "Kashmir", a grandiose composition which, according to Robert Plant (singer) and John Paul Jones, (bassist) is the song that best represents the group.

And if you stick your ears to it, you have to recognize that this piece has a musical richness as rarely heard. Something quite rare for this group, a "brass" section and a "strings" section come in handy for the recording. The result ? Middle-Eastern sounds here and there, parts (careful technical term!) played in polyrhythm: the drums and the lyrics on a 4-beat rhythm while the other instruments are on a 3-beat structure. All these “little details” that give the end this monster of complexity and orchestration that is Kashmir.

For the anecdote, Puff Daddy took over the entire musical part for his song “Come with me”. Sir has good taste!

Kashmir - Led Zeppelin - YouTube

Yann Z.