The Jam-Town call malice (1982)

on November 08, 2023

On this side of the Channel, the Jam remains an enigma. Virtually unknown or even shunned here, the British devote an unparalleled cult to them. Even more British than a cucumber sandwich from Marks & Spencer, maybe that's why France didn't catch on.

Electrified by the Pistols, socially concerned by the lyrics of the Clash, The Jam arrived in 1977 with "in the city", a galette well in its time between brulot punk and revival Mod. The success is colossal and will never be denied... Paul Weller's band regularly ranking singles at the top of the English "top 50".

But this musical side very quickly tires of its leader who, instead, is eyeing soul, motown and all the rest. By small touches, we will find his inspirations on the last albums far removed from the punk current.

At the height of their glory, Paul Weller announced the end of the group in 1982…I know some who are still crying!

The Jam Live - Town Called Malice (HD) - YouTube

Yann Z.