The Brand

Tinnson is a state of mind, a guitar riff, an improvised melody, a few guitar notes that stick in your head and in your heart. Tinnson is a hymn to freedom. The freedom to create. To create beauty. Tinnson is also a style, a look that's casual and free, chic and rebellious. Tinnson is an atmosphere. A concert hall, rehearsals, encores. It's also an art gallery, a place for artists to express themselves. Tinnson is all about chelsea boots. A timeless shape, straight out of the 60s, worn by rock stars the world over.

Chelsea Rhapsody

Since the creation of the brand 5 years ago, our obsession has been to create the best Chelsea boots. The one that will accompany you in your daily life your scene and that will mark the highlights of your existence. A unique Chelsea boot combining tradition and modernity. The future of tradition. Tinnson is not a shoe brand like any other.

You can get Satisfaction

We're here for those who don't want to follow trends that change every 6 months. We're here for those who are looking for a timeless, timeless style that highlights the passion for beautiful products, the quality and tradition of a know-how that dates back 3 generations of our workshop. Backstage, our shoes are handmade by craftsmen. Each of our models is a score, without a false note. Each gesture, each stitch is a musical note, each of the 150 manufacturing steps has been the subject of hours of rehearsal so that in the end you have the product that will make you a special person.