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Michael Viviani was born in 1981 in La Ciotat. In 2003, he obtained a diploma in visual communication and graphic arts from the Ax Sud school in Marseille.

His work is heavily inspired by film and music posters, which he uses to meticulously replicate the life of a street billboard. His passion and his techniques have grown, notably laceration, which he sublimates through a myriad of combinations of phrases, song texts, and slogans. Navigating between present and past, his creations caress our eyes through paintings, a perfect illusion, a real simulacrum of collages.

It harmoniously manages to merge an abundance of poster shreds into an overarching narrative, which presents the viewer, with sincerity, with a glimpse of time.

Inexhaustible in creativity, the explorer artist has diversified into the creation of mirrors and resin audio cassettes, available in several sizes and as a coffee table. In a nod to technology, the cassettes hide a QR code, which gives access to a playlist via your smartphone.