The Who - My Generation (1965)

on April 11, 2023

In the “emblematic title” series, my generation is, what one might call, a masterstroke; 57 years later, he has crossed the decades (without aging!) and influenced, by his uncommon aggressiveness in 1965, the beginnings of Hard Rock and Punk. And above all, it has become institutionalized to the point of becoming sampled or even used for commercials.

My Generation is above all this John Entwistle bass line highlighted, leaving the guitar in the background…we can possibly count it as the first bass solo in rock! A master stroke, I said… a stroke of genius even!

And how not to speak of Keith Moon, one of the greatest drummers in history, with an innovative playing, a formidable technicality and an unnamed exuberance that we will find, all things considered, in the drummer of the Muppets show!

The other side of the coin of success for good old Keith, he burned himself in everything that moved: alcohol, drugs, medication…often together! In short, at 32, end of the drum solo but received with honors at the Panthéon du rock.

The Who - My Generation - LIVE (1967) - YouTube

Yann Z.