Jeff Buckley - Grace (1994)

on March 31, 2023

When Jeff Buckley exploded in front of the world in 1994, we didn't know much about him: Those most in the know know that he enjoyed a good reputation in New York (his Live at Sin-é captured in 1993 gives a glimpse of his talent), he is the son of Tim Buckley, a multi-style musician, who died of "natural" death (overdose) at 28 brushes...and that's about it!

So inevitably, when the album comes out in the middle of the torpor of August 1994, the slap is colossal! We are caught by this voice mixing angelic sweetness and feverish anger and this guitar playing of absolute finesse. The songs touch on the sublime (and the heart of course) and this magnified cover of Léonard Cohen (Allelujah) will make it a legend.

During his lifetime, he will only record this album… a swim in the Mississippi in May 1997 stopped the course of this shooting star.

Jeff Buckley - Grace (Official Video) - YouTube

Yann Z.