The Clash - white riot (1977)

on March 05, 2023

We are a few veterans who think that The Clash is the greatest band in the world (in addition to being old, we are also very sensitive so please don't contradict us!)

It must be said that this quartet was already playing better than the Sex Pistols and that at the lyrical level, we were into social criticism, very committed and therefore very left-wing. Without the Clash, the punk movement would have been nothing but a big joke, let's not be afraid of words. (I'm waiting for your insulting emails!)

It is therefore difficult to highlight an album or a title. That said, we can note the singularity of Sandinista! released in 1980, a triple album where the Clash mix Ska, dub, reggae, rap, rock, r'n'b...before anyone else, they saw this world music trend of the 80s arrive.

Joe strummer, the legendary frontman, died on December 22, 2002 at home on his couch, victim of congenital heart disease…we've known more punk as an outing!

The Clash - White Riot (Live) - YouTube

Yann Z.