Why Nancy?

on July 31, 2017
Nancy Spungen

Because Sex, Drugs and Rock N Roll (and tragic fate) couldn't have a better representative.

Because when you die in a hotel called Chelsea with Sid Vicious, you have the right to have boots in his name.

Nancy Spungen leaves the family home at 17 to settle in New York and becomes a groupie, following the popular music groups of the time

She then flew to London accompanying the Heartbreakers. Wanting at all costs to approach the Sex Pistols, she met their bassist, Sid Vicious in early 1972, who fell in love with her. Their relationship, which lasted 21 months, was punctuated by violence and drug abuse. Nancy is supposed to have introduced Sid to heroin.

In January 1978, after having separated from the group Sex Pistols, Sid gives his only concert in solo but which is a failure.

On October 12, Nancy Spungen was found dead in the bathroom of room 100 of the famous Chelsea Hotel in New York, which she shared with Sid Vicious5. She died as a result of a knife wound, caused by the weapon that her companion had then bought the day before.

Sid Vicious is immediately arrested by the police, but quickly released after paying bail. He dies a few months later from an overdose of narcotics, without the truth about the death of the young girl being clearly established. Nancy's death remains mysterious.

Nancy shoe
Nancy shoe
Nancy shoe
Nancy shoe

Life, you have to shake it well before you use it

—Nancy Spungen