on December 14, 2020

Why the chelsea (and only the chelsea)

When I launched TiNNSON there was no question of creating yet another brand of shoes but of concentrating on a single model, the chelsea boots and even: a single shape. I have explained elsewhere why the chelsea is so important to me. The chelsea with its pure line, without breaking, perfectly extends the pants and, if it has a sufficiently thin shape at the end, perfectly materializes the transition from matter to nothingness. Forgive my imprecise expression but I want to illustrate the fact that the shoe plays a special role in the silhouette. If we examine the profile of an elegant individual, we see that the calf and the shoe describe an arc of a circle at the front and a straight line at the back. If the tip of the shoe – still on this same profile view – goes up, the harmony is destroyed. This is why I always draw a flat end and round, thick or bulging ends look unsightly to me. I understand the desire for differentiation, originality, but I'm not won over.

Why a single shape I draw the shoe I want to wear, I try to follow my dream. I create a shoe, very selfishly, for me. With the secret hope that if I like it, it will like some other people. I can't draw different shapes just to follow the market, go with the flow of fashion or whatever: I can't. I don't have that talent. And that doesn't interest me. I'm just trying to make the boots I want to wear.

Development with the workshop I am lucky to have found a good partner who has both the experience of quality, curiosity, the desire to learn and a deep desire to do well and to satisfy his clients. I am not a technician, I only look for one thing: the best quality. Quality in the choice of materials and manufacturing techniques. First to obtain the best feelings of comfort and then to guarantee the solidity and durability of the boots. Admittedly, we need a margin that allows us to live, but when José says to me: "we can change such a room for another and it will cost 1 € more" it does not bother me if I am sure that the product will be improved. For me it is very comforting to know that we will be able to do better and bring more satisfaction to those of you who trust us. It's my only security: to satisfy the enthusiast who buys a pair.