on November 14, 2020

In collaboration with the MONSIEUR BLEU blog from ULLYS, here is an introduction to the wonderful world of the chelsea

Everyone knows that the chelsea has imposed itself since the 60s thanks to the Beatles, the Stones, Jimi Hendrix who only wore this. I explain elsewhere (tab the chelsea boots) why in my eyes the chelsea is the shoe that finishes the silhouette better than any other.

It's easy to put on Chelsea boots . Let's make way for MONSIEUR BLEU who will give, as usual, qualitative content and historical depth to our favorite subject. As you know, Monsieur Bleu is not stingy with anecdotes.

Speaking of anecdote, during his last trip to London he learned a lot about the Chelsea Boots. It tells you everything there is to know about this iconic shoe model. A few months ago, Monsieur Bleu presented to you a completely subjective list of the shoes he considers essential.

These little London anecdotes are therefore the perfect excuse to go deeper into the subject. As you have understood, today Monsieur Bleu is going to focus on one model in particular: The Chelsea Boots.

The Chelsea Boots an emblematic model History of the Chelsea Boots In the 19th century rubber began to be used more and more. For his part, the London bootmaker Joseph Sparkes-Hall decided to create a shoe that was comfortable and easy to wear. After a few prototypes, he created an ankle boot made of a piece of shiny black leather with two rubber bands. The Chelsea Boot was born.

(The Empress Victoria will even be offered a pair in 1837 by Joseph Sparkes-Hall who is other than her official shoemaker). But where does the name “Chelsea” come from? The name of this iconic shoe comes simply from the London district of Chelsea. This district was then populated by a large number of soldiers and young officers, who, during their evenings, wore these comfortable, urban and dressy shoes on their feet.

Essentially military at the time, the Chelsea Boots enjoyed a certain popularity without being a real fashion phenomenon, until the 1960s... In 1961, two musician friends, John and Paul, were walking the streets of London after their stay several months in Hamburg. At the bend of a street in the Kensington district, they see through the window of the Anello & Davide shoe store, a pair of Chelsea Boots.

Fallen in love with the model, they order 4 pairs (not yet famous but already a gambler) that will go perfectly with the stage costume of their rock band. This small group from Liverpool will experience some success a few months later. Success thanks to which the Chelsea Boots quickly became an extremely popular and indispensable model.

The Beatles the small group from Liverpool who popularized the Chelsea Boots Nowadays the Chelsea is experiencing a huge development initiated by women who have massively replaced the boot with the ankle boot. The Chelsea Boots are now an essential basic for both men and women and all brands have integrated at least one Chelsea model into their range of shoes and some brands, such as the TiNNSON brand, do not only produce Chelsea Boots.

The Chelsea Boots an essential model What distinguishes the Chelsea from other shoe models? The Chelsea is differentiated firstly by its height but above all by its silhouette which precisely curves the foot, a refined silhouette from the front of the foot to the ankle, without interference. Original but always elegant Thanks to its refined shape, it harmoniously extends the leg and lengthens the silhouette.

Worn close to the foot, this shoe is like a second skin that will accompany you throughout the day.