on May 27, 2022

After the maintenance of the sole we examine the maintenance of the upper, the upper part of the boots.

1- suede upper (= suede in France, suede in UK)

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To keep the suede calfskin looking good, you have to take care of it: avoid rain, stains, blows... With a suitable brush you will clean the dust and put the hair back in the right direction.

2- smooth leather upper, full grain (full grain)

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Smooth leather is easier to maintain in pristine condition, provided it is waxed regularly. Once or twice a week if you wear the boots very often. It's nicer to have shiny shoes, isn't it?

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Good horsehair brush We recommend a good shoe polish from Saphir or Famaco.

From top to bottom: Famaco Cream, Saphir 1925 (high end), Saphir Cream

3- shoe trees

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The role of the shoe tree is to maintain the leather in its original shape and to absorb the humidity of the leather, humidity released naturally by the foot over the hours. For better absorption everyone recommends the shoe tree in cedar. It seems obvious that a shoe tree whose wood is covered with varnish will be less able to absorb moisture. Although it retains the look of leather just as much as the cedar model. The advantage of keeping the original shape of the shoe is to prevent the creases, which naturally form during wear depending on the morphology of each foot, from remaining during the waxing phase. Creases over time will dry out and the leather will break. An expert told me recently that the absence of a shoe tree can shorten the life of the shoe by several years. from left to right: cedar shoe trees, shoe tree from a prestigious brand, other good shoe trees