on May 12, 2022

Here, some advice for the maintenance of the sole of your boots

Most customers ask if they should have a skate on the sole of their boots. The answer is yes.

But should the skate be put on immediately after purchase? All our boots have a leather sole. The leather sole is comfortable, it breathes, it is a noble material but it wears out. Without a pad, the leather will wear out little by little. When you buy a pair of boots at this price you want to keep them for a long time so you have to take care of them. And fitting a skate is essential if you want to keep your boots for several years. Especially since you risk damaging the seam if you wait too long.

A customer told me: a shoe of this price you still have to pay for a skate! It reminded me of someone who buys a Lamborghini and says, "It's so expensive, I'm not going to have to pay for an oil change as well!" It's exactly the same thing. Even with a Lambo you have to pay for the emptying.

You can have the skate fitted (€20 at a good shoemaker) right away and you're safe, but you can also wait. You wear the boots for a few months and you have the skate put on. The advantage: the worn sole is thinner, more flexible, more comfortable, the boots have had time to get used to your foot. It's just a matter of optimizing comfort. If you want to optimize the solidity first, put the skate on right away.