on November 01, 2022

What are some 60s rock anthems that still hold their own? First, what is a hymn?

The Chelsea boots are characterized by their simplicity and elegance. Fine and smooth, it can go with style with all your outfits. It hugs the foot and adapts to all circumstances (work, outings with friends, wedding, daily life or event). A cult boot since the Beatles, it is timeless. Man or woman, you will find look ideas here. How to match your Chelsea boots with jeans when you are a man? At tinnson, we favor Chelsea boots worn with narrow jeans to extend the leg evenly. We create this extension thanks to jeans having the same width as the boots. But that's just a matter of taste! If you prefer wide jeans the chelsea boots also go very well. We give you some examples of Tinnson style:

Skinny jeans

Slim jeans - The dandy look
Total black chic look perfect for going to work or on a date by sporting a neat and classy look with Tinnson chelsea boots (black BRYAN 141) worn with cuffed jeans, a trench coat and a round neck sweater. You can accessorize this style with a satchel, a watch as well as a scarf/shawl.


The casual-chic look
Our dear Christophe Beaugrand who applied our narrow jeans + chelsea boots formula to perfection. Like him, you can create a chic-casual style with the casual side of faded black jeans and the classy side brought by the turquoise IGGY chelsea boots, the white shirt and the black suit jacket.

Skinny jeans

The casual look -
A slightly more casual/casual look, for an everyday outfit full of character and personality enhanced by the JIMI purple 112 paired with more sober colors, ripped jeans and a black jumper combined with a gray trench coat and hat .

Skinny jeans

Wide jeans - Casual-rock look
Look more rock'n'roll with our KEITH gray 183 tinnson boots combined with faded blue jeans, leather perfecto and gray t-shirt. Mix of noble and raw materials for an electric combination.

How to associate your chelsea boots with jeans when you are a woman?

Ladies, don't worry, we have looks for you too! A reference of elegance and refinement, the chelsea boots nevertheless keep these primary characteristics: those of comfort and practicality. Whether you live in the city or in the countryside, it is a sign of a woman in the wind who knows exactly where she is going. Same rule as for men, the Tinnson boots are worn more elegantly with tight jeans. But chelsea boots go perfectly with dresses, skirts or evening wear.

Skinny jeans

Slim jeans - Chic look
Chic and shocking with the KEITH silver 182 Tinnson boots for women, embellished with narrow black jeans, a black top and a tweed blazer. You can accessorize everything with silver rings in a nod to the color of the pair of chelsea boots and a quilted rock handbag with large silver chains.

Skinny jeans

Casual look
Minimalist look, but equally elegant. Perfect for an everyday look. Slim black jeans with holes with an oversized white shirt and black NANCY Chelsea boots 101.

Skinny jeans

Wide jeans - Casual look in flare jeans
We offer you our inspiration with wide jeans also called Flare jeans, tight at the thighs and slightly flared at the bottom. It provides you with undeniable comfort and has the advantage of being suitable for all body types.

Combination of tinnson boots in brown NANCY 104 suede with raw flare jeans, an oversized cream trench coat, and a mustard yellow turtleneck, the essential for winter 2019-2020. All accessorized with a wool scarf and black leather gloves.