on August 09, 2022

What are some 60s rock anthems that still hold their own? First, what is a hymn?

A song which, by its energy, its intensity or its riff, best illustrates the power of rock. I realized that just looking at Jimi Hendrix covers was enough to cover most of them: – Gloria (Van Morrison and the Them) – Like A Rolling Stone (Bob Dylan) Jimi cover – Hey Joe (Billie Roberts) Jimi cover – Wild Thing (Troggs) Jimi cover – Johnny B. Goode (Chuck Berry) Jimi cover – Sunshine Of Your Love (Cream) Jimi cover Version of Clapton live in 2013 (the intro!!!!) For me the only title emblematic of rock "forgotten" by Hendrix is ​​the Kinks' You Really Got Me. For fun I add the Van Halen version which sounded good to all of us at the time. Still huge today. And for you? My hair stands on end when I listen to all of this.