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Chelsea Boots homme TiNNSON SYD gris cuir robuste doublé en veau naturel semelle bleue tout cuir cousue

The SYD mens chelsea boots



The SYD, like the JOHNNY, is a more rugged boots


In 2003 I bought A Whisper And A Sigh – probably read a nice review – and I considered it was one of the 3 most beautiful records of that year. I do not remember what the other two were. Syd Matters pleased me because he had the melodic sense of the best and all his songs were tender and soft at the same time, traces of melancholy, nostalgia. A music conducive to daydreaming. The dream pop par excellence. What I prefer in music. Sweetness, tenderness and melody, it is for me the ideal combination. A Frenchman at the top. Then he released Someday We Will Foresee Obstacles, the same atmosphere but maybe a little bit less dense in titles. In retrospect I think I judged him too severely, I liked A Whisper so much … Always as pleasant, we let ourselves be carried away, we let ourselves be lulled by the atmosphere of tenderness. Then Ghost Days a little less good and then Brotherocean superb. Thank you Jonathan, you write movie music, you seem very busy, I hope you’ll soon release a new Syd Matters album. Even if your work is already rich and places you at the top of French musicians.

SYD is also a tribute to Syd Barrett, his solo albums and the debut of Floyd, a cool, light, folk-psychedelic spirit. A sad story: after the drug live at her Mum and do gardening … See Emily Play

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SYD’s technical features

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