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The rock anthems of the 1960ies


What are the 60ies anthems that are still powerful sounding and relevant?

 At first what is an anthem?

It is a song with intensity, energy and guitar riff that illustrates the power of rock to this day.

When putting down my list I realized that Jimi Hendrix covered the vast majority of them:

Gloria   (Van Morrison & Them)

Like A Rolling Stone   (Bob Dylan) Jimi cover

Hey Joe    (Billie Roberts) Jimi cover

Wild Thing   (Troggs) Jimi cover

Johnny B. Goode   (Chuck Berry) Jimi cover

Sunshine Of Your Love    (Cream) Jimi cover

Clapton live version in 2013 (huge intro!!!!)

For me the only song that Jimi missed is You Really Got Me by the Kinks.

For fun I include the Van Halen cover who deeply shook us at that time. Still very good.

Do you agree, what are yours?

My hair raise when I listen to all those. 

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