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Chelsea Boots femme TiNNSON NANCY noir cuir de veau doublé en veau naturel

The NANCY women’s chelsea boots


The 1st TiNNSON chelsea boots for women


I always had in my head an article from Rock & Folk which told the tragic story of Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen entitled: Difficult To Be More Rock. Did Sid murder Nancy his girlfriend? The rock pushed to the extreme, fascinating for me since my 13 years, sex, drugs, rock’n roll, blood & death. Impossible to go further in the mythology of rock.

There was also Jerry Rubin who had dedicated his book Do It to Nancy, his girlfriend. Do It is the first book I bought in my life. A subversive book, both rock and political, very exciting. My head was in America: music, Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead, CCR, CSNY, Doors, Summer Of Love, Woodstock, San Francisco … All these names made me dream. So when I draw a boots for women I call him NANCY.

This is my first boots for women …

My NANCY playlist @Spotify

NANCY’s technical features

Marie is wearing the NANCY black

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