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Chelsea Boots homme TiNNSON JOHNNY rouge cuir de veau suédé doublé en veau naturel semelle bleue tout cuir

The JOHNNY mens chelsea boots


With the JOHNNY I wanted to create a more rugged boots. 


DEDICATED to Johnny Ramone and Johnny Thunders

I saw the Ramones in May 77 in Orleans. We came for Eddie And The Hot Rods, the UK Garage band that was making noise at the time and then Talking Heads. Their first album was not released yet, but the group had been the favorite of journalists for a few months. It was already a cult group with an intellectual leader, as the Velvet could have been 10 years earlier. On the other hand, I knew little about the Ramones and what I had listened to at my friends had not interested me. But the concert was a monumental slap: 17 tracks, 32 minutes: thunder strike. Unbelievably powerful music, super pop at full speed, unrivaled energy, a guitar with an enormous and incisive sound, impossible to recover, impossible to forget. Total happiness. I survived because I remember when Eddie’s drummer swung his wands I picked up one, all proud. I loved Talking Heads: the first album was superb, the second even stronger and the 3rd sublime with a hallucinated production of Brian Eno. But the strongest memory of this evening is the Ramones that I always adore as much. Just listen to a live album to find the happiness of rock in pure state: energy that drives excitement to paroxysm. I recommend the Live 1978 at The Palladium.

From Johnny Thunders, a fabulous track Chinese Rock and the New York Dolls, I can not forget his fragile and vulnerable angel image in Mona et Moi, Patrick Grandperret’s film. Impossible not to associate Johnny Thunders with this boots Johnny.

With the JOHNNY, as with the SYD, I designed a more robust boots. Thicker outsole with extended welt to protect the upper.

Technical features of JOHNNY

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