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Chelsea Boots homme TiNNSON IGGY bleu tout cuir en veau

The IGGY mens chelsea boots


The IGGY boots are directly inspired form the Sixties chelsea boots made from black leather. 

The IGGY boots are directly inspired by the boots of the 60s: simple black smooth leather. My initiation to rock started just at that time, at the end of 1969. The track Travelin ‘Band from Creedence Clearwater Revival, was the first that raised my hair on my head, Cosmo’s Factory was (and is) a super energetic album. It was the energy that pleased me, created an excitation, an electric shock. I liked this progression: the Beatles, the Stones then CCR, Aerosmith and the Stooges. It was incredibly exciting. You are 13 and Raw Power / Search And Destroy makes you crazy, your brain is ravaged and the energy is propelling you high in the sky … And then it would be the Vibrators, the Pistols, the Ramones … The summit. Iggy and his angel face, Iggy shirtless. Pure rock.

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IGGY’s technical features


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