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Chelsea Boots homme TiNNSON BRYAN noir tout cuir doublé en veau

The BRYAN mens chelsea boots


The BRYAN mens chelsea boots are made from thick glossy leather


This is the model for which I chose the most beautiful leather.

I discovered Bryan Ferry with the release of the first Roxy Music in 72. It was new, it was different: rock but with an aesthetic sophistication, an artistic element that until now only David Bowie had initiated. Bryan Ferry introduced glamor, chic, into rock. Just look at the covers of the first 5 albums. I still think that the album STRANDED released late 73 is not only the most beautiful album of Roxy, the richest and densest, but that it is one of the 10 most beautiful albums of the 20th century. If there is a man whose elegance inspired me, to whom I would have liked to resemble, it is Bryan Ferry. His wick on the forehead, the classical and perfect form of his face, the sophisticated romanticism of his melodies inspired me, touched more than any other. His first 4 solo albums are beautiful, how many evenings I listened to his records dancing alone in the dark, with tears in his eyes, suffering from having no one to share the beauty that overwhelmed me.

In 2008 I designed a limited edition shoe that I dedicated to him. When I asked for his permission, he said: “You do what you want but promise to send me a pair for each of my 4 sons, here are the sizes …” An elegance that I will never forget . Thanks Bryan.

My “dreampop” Spotify playlist around Bryan

BRYAN technical features


Thomas Chazerain, the LIVINGSTONE guitarist and singer is wearing the BRYAN rouge

DJMJ is wearing the BRYAN rouge (this pair was an early prototype with burgundy leather)

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