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Leather lined shoes vs. calf lined shoes


Very often customers ask about the price difference between leather lined shoes. What does justify the price difference between 2 similar looking  leather lined shoes? Obviously country of origin, quality of assembly and raw materials do explain part of the price difference. But there is another factor which is unclear to most people: the quality of the lining.

The lining material plays a big role in comfort and durability. A good lining will provide a stronger structure to the shoe and a better control of the foot: the look of the shoe, its overall shape, will be preserved with a great lining. A weaker lining will not prevent the shoe from collapsing under the pressure of the foot.

You can find shoes with some lining made of leather and the rest made from canvas. When the type of leather lining is not mentionned you can guess it is either cow or pig lining which are thin, low resistance materials.

The better lining is natural calf. You will find it in all the high class shoes form the top brands: Weston, Lobb, Alden, Edward Green, Santoni… All of them.

Calf is a very strong material (calf is a young animal full of strength, with hard muscles), it is natural, it is used in 1mm thickness (lesser materials are used in 0,5mm thickness). It costs much more because of its precious treatment but also due to the fact that people eat less and less calf meat (they eat a lot of beef meat).

It is extremely rare to find a shoe lined in natural calf under 300$/£/€.

Obviously all the TiNNSON boots are fully lined with 1mm natural calf.


doublure veau TiNNSON Bryan

doublure veau TiNNSON Bryan

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