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Photo: Rémy Lloyd /Caldecourt Productions

We are able to offer, from now on, customized boots. At the beginning we had girls asking for mens colors:  we were offering many options for men and too few for ladies. Then we received demands for more specific colors: Ferrari red, gold lamé… We had musicians (the proportion of musicians among our customers is obviously high) looking for crazy stage colors and treatments: strange leathers, funky elastic colors (very difficult to find given the very high minimums) and as the results were fun we have decided to provide this service to everyone. Everyone? Yes, anyway our customer base is not the biggest in the world, it is just a very small club for distinguished people. On a personal level I like everything exclusive so it is big fun. Obviously we do not modify the last nor the logo. The electric guitar is our symbol and we care for it above anything else. This is the way TiNNSON amateurs identify and recognize themselves.

 If the model requested is based upon the Iggy model it will be charged 25% above the standard Iggy, same for Nancy, same for Johnny… When we receive a demand we check what leather is matching and then if the color is alright for you. We can even offer crocodile (from a crocodile farm) obviously at a seriously higher price. The question that always follows is: how long do I have to wait to get my exclusive boots? Usually it is less than 8 weeks, it can be less but it can be more, depending on the moment in the year and depending on the time it takes to obtain the right leather. You can reach us for any question: martin (at)  

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