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Chelsea boots by subscription?


Is anybody interested in purchasing TiNNSON chelsea boots by subscription?

I was thinking of it in May and this morning I read that an american company is offering it for t-shirts so I decided to put it in writing.

As brand manager it would allow me to securely plan production and especially avoid accumulating unsold boots (do we destroy them? do we sell them at a loss to the wrong retailer?). Be clean and economical.

As I wish to preserve the exclusive character of TiNNSON I am dreaming of selling exclusively to customers who are supporters and friends. It would be an ideal way to build the TiNNSON Owners Club.

How could it work?

My initial calculation, as an instance, could work like this. The subscriber would pay 34€ per month and would receive 2 pairs of boots of his own choice. So he/she would pay: 12X34= 408€

It means a saving of 27% for 2 pairs of Johnny (for instance) and 40% for 2 pairs of Bryan.

My guess is that the amateur would save an average of 30 to 35% by selecting 2 diffèrent models across the range.

But in such a case we would not be talking anymore saving but offering the best possible value. Given that value would be much increased by the exclusivity of the CLUB.

It is most likely something crazy and unrealistic.

Who would commit for 1 year on such a formula? (I am not even mentioning the possible legal restrictions)

I do not know.

And YOU? What do you think? Please tell me.

I must confess that if I had a bit of a positive feedback I would be tempted to use this way of operating. And only this.

We would all become a very exclusive club. I could propose to each their preferred material and colours. I have always liked this idea of fraternity.

I am a dreamer. Imagine…

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