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TiNNSON Syd navy jeans & model

The Chelsea boots: design & philosophy


Why chelsea (and only chelsea) When I launched TiNNSON I did not want to create another brand of shoes. There are already so many brands doing the same thing, having a full range of mens models: another derby, another strap monk, another buckle…

I wanted to focus on one model, the chelsea boots and even more: one last. Why?

One model: the chelsea boots is the cleanest silhouette of all footwear, the match with the narrow jeans is perfect. There is a continuity from the leg to the foot, from the volume of the leg to the front of the boots.

This is what I crave in footwear: harmony. Purest silhouette, purest profile is a chelsea boots.

Some designers tell me I should add belts on the boots, all kind of fashionable gimmicks: diamond skulls, little thinsgs. I am not interested in that. I want something clean and pure. Very simple as well.

For me footwear must be as close as possible to the foot, it is an enveloppe of the foot.

I explained elsewhere why chelsea is so important to me. The chelsea with its pure line, without break,  materializes perfectly the passage of material to nothingness. Forgive my imprecise expression but I want to illustrate the fact that the shoe plays a particular role in the silhouette. If we look at the profile of an elegant individual we find that the calf and the shoe describe an arc on the front and a straight line in the back. If the tip of the shoe – still on the same side view – goes up, the harmony is destroyed. That’s why I always draw a flat end and that the round ends, thick or bulging seem to me unsightly. I understand the desire for differentiation and originality but I am not seduced by what I perceive as a lack of harmony. But I respect everyone.





silhouette Quentin TiNNSON

Quentin in TiNNSON
(courtesy of  jimmy patrouille)

One last: there is only one way for a shoe to look refined and elegant. My last has been with me for years and years. I am not saying that I will never change it. I will change and I am constantly working with my workshop to refine the existing last because it is far from being perfect. But we bring minor changes regularly. My dream is not yet fulfilled.

I am first and foremost designing the shoe I want to wear. I like to wear clean simple, elegant shoes. I design a shoe and and I look forward to the moment I receive the sample pair and I can wear them immediately. This is wonderful, like Xmas. My secret wish is that if I really like them a few other people will like them too. I am not following fashion, I am not an educated designer, I do what I have in my head. I am not talented to do fashion.



TiNNSON vs x.

TiNNSON vs x.

Workshop and I

We work together in the best possible spirit to accommodate each other. They need business to pay for the team and I need a seriously good product. We are not discussing on saving pennies, we are talking quality and reasonable price for everyone: from the workers to the consumers. I can only survive if the price is fair for everyone.


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