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Ceux qui nous inspirent: Rémy & Esmé Lloyd


Rémy est un client anglais. Comment est-il tombé sur TiNNSON? En tant que musicien rock il cherchait les boots de Keith Richards et Google l’a conduit chez TiNNSON.

Une belle rencontre, une de ces rencontres qui font que la vie vaut d’être vécue (je pense à toi aussi David). De belles personnalités, clean, passionnées qui pensent, s’expriment et agissent avec une délicatesse pas courante. Tout simplement des êtres qui vous rendent meilleur. 

En tant que photographe il a tenu à shooter ses boots et ses guitares ainsi que son ampli Fender Blues Deluxe.

Rémy photographié par sa soeur Esmé

Crédit photo: Rémy photographié par sa soeur Esmé Lloyd / Caldecourt Productions

Je le laisse se présenter: 

Hi Martin

Thank you for your kind sentiments; Esmé and I are pleased that you approve of our photos and we’d be pleased to supply hi res’ .tiffs if required. Thank you for offering a photo credit – that is very much appreciated.

Music – as I may have mentioned Esmé and I are in a band – ‘rattlesnake’ (predominantly as a duo). We gig at least once a week in either bars or clubs. Occasionally for festivals we’re joined by a drummer and a bassist – both of whom are nearing retirement!

The reason for the generation gap is that we all share common musical influences of the late 60’s. Led Zep, Hendrix, Cream, BB King, Velvet Underground etc etc all the greats.

I play lead guitar; Esmé rhythm……and our set list includes:-

Hendrix – Hey Joe / All along the watchtower / Voodoo Chile

BB King – The thrill is gone

Cream – White Room / Sunshine of your love

Led Zep – Since I’ve been loving you / Tangerine / Hangman

Velvet Underground – Afterhours / Sweet Jane

(incontestablement un duo qui a bon goût!)

Fender Telecaster 60ies - Fender Blues Deluxe - TiNNSON Keith

Credit photo: Fender Telecaster 60ies – Fender Blues Deluxe – TiNNSON Keith par Rémy Lloyd/Caldecourt Productions

Both Esmé and I also write our own songs (Esmé the lyrics and I the music). I always give myself a self indulgent solo; and often play with the guitar behind my head or back. Yes it’s showmanship, but it worked well for Hendrix and SRV and the audience applaud, which is rewarding.

Although we love the music of that time, we don’t live a rock’n’roll lifestyle; we certainly don’t drink or smoke. In fact a lot of the places we perform, we’re not actually old enough to enter! We’ve been booked for gigs in clubs and refused entry except for the duration of our performance. Crazy.

We buy quite a lot of CD’s, but there’s still loads to discover; our Parents point us in the right direction (at the moment it’s some early Stones; Mark Knopfler; and Gary Moore live at Montreux). The internet is very useful! 

So by day we work enthusiastically in our photographic studio developing our business; and by evening we practice, rehearse or gig our music.

Would we be right in understanding from your last email that you have a professional interest in the music industry; maybe production or journalism? Your written accounts relating to your named (boot) Artist’s are wonderfully atmospheric and poetic.

I’m sure that being the principal at Tinnson is most demanding; but do you play guitar? are you in a band?

The association you’ve presented between music and fashion is wonderful. My favourite boot is obviously the Keith gris, very closely followed by the Jimi bleu. I’ve shown my friends your product range and they’re impressed that it all hinges on colour variations of the one classic design.

I kept the soles of my boot pristine for the photos, but now I’m carefree when I wear them.

Mille mercis

Rémy et Esmé

Je crois que tout est dit. Merci Rémy et Esmé. 





TiNNSON Keith by Rémy Lloyd / Caldecourt Productions

crédit photo: TiNNSON Keith by Rémy Lloyd / Caldecourt Productions    

Si vous cherchez un photographe dans le Dorset n’hésitez pas…

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